One of the fastest-growing online sites, lists hundreds of thousands of hotels and provides services in 38 different languages. Authentic reviews by millions of visitors who have visited the hotels are also shown.

When you select a hotel that interests you, the details page opens in a new tab. This makes it easy to compare different lodgings if you’re shopping around for the perfect place to stay. The images on the hotel details page are large and give you a good look at the hotel’s rooms and facilities.

From standard double-bed rooms to king suites, you can see accommodation sizes directly from the hotel search page, so you know if a hotel has what you need without further digging. Individual room details are included on the hotel’s page as well. The hotel profile shows the price and maximum occupancy of the rooms and allows you to request the number of rooms to book. You do have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see a full list of amenities that come with the hotel, but Agoda provides a long list of items that aren’t commonly accessible on hotel search sites, like available tours and coffee shops in the hotel.

Customer reviews are abundant on this site. There are hotels with over 1,000 reviews from business travelers, families with young children, couples, groups and solo travelers who booked through Agoda. The customer reviews rate the hotels based on value, location, staff, facilities and cleanliness.

In addition to booking hotels, you can book a flight. You cannot book a rental car or a vacation package, though. This site doesn’t let you compare rates either, so you would have to search on other sites separately to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Agoda’s customer support is standard for a hotel booking service. If you need help, you can sift through the FAQs to find an answer, or you can contact support by phone or email.

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