Review is a travel website where people can search for flights, hotels, cars and vacation packages online, with many of the services offered at discounted prices. The site has featured deals within set price ranges.

Quick search yields relevant results

OneTravel’s search tools enable you to easily find the exact travel arrangements you’re looking for. When booking a flight, you can choose by specific dates and times or by flexible dates. There’s even the option to select what airline you’d like to fly, which is perfect for travelers looking to take advantage of their frequent flyer memberships. For hotels, choose your dates and destination and then filter your results by price, available amenities, or hotel rating. Rental cars and cruises have similar search and filter tools, and vacation packages combine several different searches into one to help save time. Once you’ve got your vacation all planned out, all that’s left to do is enter in your contact and payment information and book your trip. You then receive a confirmation email and are able to view your new itinerary in your OneTravel account.

Discounts for certain groups

Students trying to plan a cheap trip for spring break or seniors who enjoy traveling should explore the hand-selected discounts offered to them on OneTravel. For example, most students don’t have a lot of cash to spare, so the deals for them focus primarily on price. Discounts are also available to members of the military, senior citizens, and gay and lesbian travelers. If you’re planning a spontaneous getaway, OneTravel’s last-minute deals are a good place to turn to in order to make sure you’re getting the best possible price on your flight, hotel, and rental car. For all of these different groups, OneTravel has coupon codes and specialized search tools to ease the process of securing that perfect vacation.

Save money with coupons

You can easily earn $20 off your next vacation by signing up for OneTravel’s mailing list. Email newsletters are sent to you periodically with information about the latest travel deals and coupon codes you can use to save on flights, hotels, and vacation packages. If you’d rather not get all those updates by email, just keep an eye on OneTravel’s website because they list all the coupon codes there as well. If you fall into certain groups, like students or seniors, there’s almost always a special code you can take advantage of to earn some extra savings. Coupon codes toward flights to several popular destinations are also worth checking out before you book.

Group travel packages

OneTravel has representatives standing by to assist you in planning your business retreat, family reunion, or other group travel itineraries. They deal with groups as small as 10 people to ones larger than 1,000, and work with your needs and budget to find and book airfare and hotel rooms. In order to get started, fill out the group travel form on OneTravel’s website, listing the number of people in your party, dates of travel, destination, and any other special considerations you may have. From there, a OneTravel agent contacts you to go over any further details and looks for hotels and flights that fit what you’re searching for. Once they’ve found the perfect solution, they book everything for you, eliminating much of the work on your end.

Easy to contact the company

If you need to speak to a OneTravel representative to get help with booking your travel arrangements, you have the choice of contacting them by phone, email, or live chat. Phone and email support are relatively common in the industry, but live chat isn’t something you’ll find everywhere. It’s a nice option if you’re already in the process of booking online and just need a quick answer to your question. Less urgent questions can also be asked via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. In addition, OneTravel has a robust FAQ section, which can help answer many of the common questions you may have about booking on their website.

High service fees

When you book with OneTravel, you have to pay a service fee on top of whatever the list price is for the trip. These fees are nonrefundable and some can be as expensive as $30 per day. If something comes up and you have to change or cancel your reservation after you’ve made it, you’ll be hit with another fee for that as well. Service fees are very common in the industry, but there are certain companies, like Expedia, that don’t charge any extra fees at all. This may be a better choice for individuals who don’t have the extra room in their budgets to cover service fees.

Limited low-price guarantee

Like most other travel booking sites, OneTravel will refund you the difference if you find a lower rate for the same trip on another travel website. The catch is, you have to find this lower rate within four hours of booking on OneTravel or the Low Fare Promise no longer applies. If you find a lower price within 24 hours after booking, you’ll receive a $50 coupon to use toward future bookings with OneTravel, but that’s it. Most other companies give you at least 24 hours to find a lower rate and receive a complete refund for the difference. However, you should really conduct all your research upfront in the first place and, if you do, chances are slim you’ll need this low-price guarantee.

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