With more than 250 million reviews about over 5.2 million restaurants, attractions and accommodations worldwide, combines information from hundreds of websites to offer the best hotel prices available.

Widely used and reliable customer reviews

TripAdvisor’s customer reviews make them one of the best travel websites to turn to if you’re looking for insider knowledge on where and how to spend your vacation. Each hotel, restaurant, and activity listed on their website comes with customer reviews and rankings so you can find out where the best places to stay are — and steer clear of those with a less-than-stellar reputation. Customers upload their own unretouched photos of the locations as well. Anyone can join and add as many reviews as they like to the site. This simple idea has made TripAdvisor one of the most popular travel websites in the industry today. In addition to all the customer reviews, TripAdvisor hosts some very active travel forums where members ask each other questions they can’t find the answers to elsewhere.

Travel guides created from firsthand experiences

TripAdvisor uses its customer reviews to put together some of the best travel guides you’ll find with any website. Look up the best hotels in the area and use their weather guide to determine the best time to travel. Browse the lists of all the restaurants and attractions in the area to find some unique places to visit on your trip. There are even guided tours that suggest where to go for an entire day or more. The option to narrow down these lists by your interests, location, and price makes it’s easier than ever to find something that appeals to you. TripAdvisor’s travel guides also provide you with quick links to answers to common questions from other travelers. By having all this information in one place, you’ll rarely have to look elsewhere to find ideas for your next trip.

Powerful filtering tools

TripAdvisor’s filtering tools help you easily cut down the extensive list of results to find the option that’s best for you. Take hotels, for example. When you enter in your city and travel dates, you’re presented with hundreds of options. Most of these are hotels, but there are also some bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals if these are more your speed. TripAdvisor highlights which hotels offer the best value, which are family-friendly, and which will appeal to the business traveler. Using these categories, you can drastically cut down the amount of hotels you have to look through. If keeping costs low is a top priority, filter your results by price. Ratings, amenities, and hotel chains are additional filters you can use to focus in on what’s important to you.

Highly rated mobile app

TripAdvisor’s mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices, has garnered an impressively high rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from users. These apps let you search for, write, and view customer recommendations for a particular place. It also directs you to other travel websites where you can book hotels and make restaurant reservations even at the last minute. Using your smartphone’s built-in GPS, you can get directions to the place of your choice or just check out what restaurants or hotels are close to where you already are. If you frequently turn to TripAdvisor for travel advice, you won’t want to be without this app.

Save your travel itinerary in one place

Though you can’t book your trips directly through TripAdvisor, you can save your travel information, including restaurants and attractions you’d like to visit, all in one place. Just add all of this information to your saved trips page in your account. Once it’s there, organize it into a detailed trip itinerary and add any notes you’d like onto each item. You can store more than one trip in your account at a time, so feel free to plan that dream vacation even if you can’t afford it yet. Few travel search engines enable you to save and store information like this, which makes TripAdvisor’s service all the more valuable.

Can’t book a hotel and flight together

TripAdvisor helps you find flights and hotels in just about every corner of the globe, but because they’re a travel search engine you have to book them separately. Unlike travel booking sites, search engines direct you to other websites to complete your transaction, making it difficult to get a deal by bundling services together. Some other travel search engines, like KAYAK, offer their customers the opportunity to search for vacation packages that include flights, hotels, and even rental cars for a single flat rate. A site like this may be a better solution if you’re looking to get a deal on a complete travel package all in one place.

No cruise reviews

If you plan on taking a cruise, you have to head over to TripAdvisor’s sister site, This clearly doesn’t affect you if you’re not planning a cruise but, since TripAdvisor deals with every other aspect of vacations from flights to restaurants, it’d be nice to see them add cruises to the menu so people don’t have to head over to another site to read reviews.

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