Trivago Review

As the largest hotel search engine with over 120 million world travelers and counting, Trivago gives users a chance to compare hotel prices from more than 250 booking sites and over one million worldwide hotels.

Comparing hotel rates is easy to do by using their search tool. Simply enter the city to which you will be traveling and the dates you will be staying. To narrow your results even further, filters for price range, guest ratings, and facilities are also available. Finding a place to stay while away from home may require special accommodations, such as nearby transportation or a hotel that is pet friendly, can direct you to hotels that fit your needs.
Rooms that are available during the dates you requested will populate in a list; detailed information will also be provided. This information includes room rates, hotel and room reviews and even photos. Locating room accommodations, through Trivago, is a highly efficient process because you are comparing rooms that meet your criteria. Also, you are saving time by comparing rooms that are available, rather than browsing through rooms you think may work, only to find, the one you wanted wasn’t available.
The user community on Trivago enables its members to discuss their experiences; participating in the group comes with monetary perks. Additional savings on hotel rooms are afforded to members through the Trivago miles program. These miles can be accumulated by actively participating in and adding to the Trivago community. Three ways of earning miles include, inviting friends to the community, writing hotel descriptions and engaging in special challenges through their site.
Only members can earn Trivago miles. To become a member, simply register on their site for an account, and start earning miles. There are a total of 9 levels of for miles members to reach. With each level comes the addition of increased opportunities to save. Members are automatically upgraded to higher levels as they reach the requirements necessary to do so.
Overall, Trivago members’ online reviews were positive. Travelers found it useful for finding detailed information on each hotel. Knowing the hotel they are booking with, has the accommodations they need, makes it easier for them to solidify their choice.
Although few complaints have been noted in online reviews, they were coincidentally all driven by a booking site that Trivago directs consumers to. The booking company, Clever-Hotels, was accused of using bait and switch tactics. There were also complaints regarding discrepancies over unauthorized charges on their credit card account. This situation indirectly reverts back to Trivago, who directed its site visitors, to Clever, to book room arrangements.

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